“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Taking pictures on the street is a documentation of our time, our society. It has to be done with respect to the people on the street.

Taking pictures of landscapes is a documentation of our world, our nature. It has to be done with respect to our earth.

Straßenfotografie ist eine Dokumentation unserer Zeit und unserer Gesellschaft. Es muss mit Respekt betrieben werden.

Landschaftsfotografie ist eine Dokumentation unserer Welt, unserer Natur. Aus hier müssen wir die Natur respektieren.

Rom 2017

We got back to Rome in June 2017 for the fourth time. Like always I found my way to the Vatican. I tried to catch some special moments.   Im Juni 2017 kamen wir zum vierten Mal nach Rom. Wie immer zog es mich zum Vatikan. Dort versuchte ich einige besondere Momente einzufangen.  

USA 2013 San Franciso

Our fist visit in San Francisco was in 1996 during our honeymoon trip. 17 years later we went back on the same route, but now together with our kids. Again it was very impressing and we had a great time there.   Wir besuchten San Francisco zum ersten Mal 1996 während unserer Hochzeitsreise. 17 Jahre später kehrten wir zurück. Dieses…

Prag 2017

In January 2017 I returned to Prague. But this time with a special aim: I shot only with my old Nikon F3 in B/W. A great experience. Pure photography without digital control. All pictures are „out of cam“. No editing, no cropping.   Im Januar 2017 war ich wieder einmal in Prag. Aber dieses mal war es etwas Besonderes: Ich…

Paris 2013

In March 2013 my wife and I visited the first time Paris. I just bought my new Nikon and was curious to use it. This was the first time I made „streetphotography“ even without knowing it.  But looking to the people through the lens was exciting and so I my new passion begun. Im März 2013 besuchten meine Frau und…

Zugspitze 2014

In October 2014 I had the chance to stay at the „Zugspitze“, the highest mountain in Germany. The special feature was the possibility to sleep at a research facility (Schneefernerhaus), an old hotel on the top. Only then you have a chance to see sunset and sunrise at the highest point of Germany.   Im Oktober 2014 hatte ich die…